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Ordering cakes

You can order cakes either personally in the shop or via phone or messenger, 3 working days in advance. You can pick up the cakes in opening hours, between Tuesday and Saturday.

Our cakes are available with the following flavors:

  • Pistachio-mango-passion fruit
  • Chocolate-hazelnut-raspberry
  • Pear-coffee-pecan nut
  • Milk chocolate-passion fruit
  • Caramel-mandarin

You can order cakes of 6-8-10-12 slices

Slice number681012
Price of the cake 6.0008.00010.00012.000
Price of the pistachio-mango-passion cake7.0009.00011.00013.000
Out prices are in HUF and includes VAT.

You can also order big tarts 6 or 10 slices in lemon or passion fruit flavor. 6 slices cost 5000 Ft, 10 slices 8000 Ft.

Opening hours

  • Monday closed
  • Tuesday 11-18
  • Wednesday 11-18
  • Thursday 11-18
  • Friday 11-18
  • Saturday 11-18
  • Sunday closed