Ordering cakes

Pistachio mango passion fruit

Pistachio sponge, pistachio crunchy layer, pistachio cream, passion fruit coulis, mango mousse. Covered with pisthachio white chocolate glaze.

Chocolate haselnut raspberry

Chocolate Sacher sponge, haselnut praline crunchy, dark chocolate cream, raspberry coulis, gianduja (haselnut, milk chocolate) mousse. Covered with dark chocolate velvet cover.

Coffe pear pecan nut

Pecun nut sponge, pecan nut crunchy layer, pear compot flavoured with tonka bean, coffe caramellized white chocolate mousse. Covered with caramellized milk chocolate glaze.

Strawberry, forest fruit, passion fruit.

Almond joconde, forest fruit compote, passion fruit curd, strawberry mousse.

Tiramisu cake

Vanilla sponge, with coffe syrup, coffe pastry cream, coffe praline, chocolate haselnut crunchy layer, mascarpone mousse.

Chocolate passion fruit

Chocolate Sacher sponge, chocolate cocoa bean crunchy layer, passion fruit curd, milk chocolate mousse.

You can order cakes at the shop, via phone 06-20-4175698 or in Facebook Messenger 3 working days ahead.

You can order cakes of 6-8-10-12 slices

Slice number68101216
Price of the cake 800010000125001500019000
Out prices are in HUF and includes VAT.

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